Friday, November 20, 2009

WOW That's Love

Ever have a moment of clarity when, everything seems to just go your way. You wake up and the sun shines brightly on your face, and all you can do is thank God for another beautiful day; That's Love. Even when the clouds cover the sun and all you can see are rain drops as if the heavens are crying, only to see the next day a flower blossom due to those same drops of rain and you wonder why God works in mysterious ways, That's Love. When life seems to be going down hill, and the only strength you have to continue is the faith that everything is going to be okay, and suddenly things have a 180 degree turn around like a frown to a smile, That's Love. You see love has no direct definition though some may try to define love as; a passionate affection for another, or a sexual passion or desire. Where as the only definition of love is the feeling you get when you know WOW that is LOVE.

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