Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Definition of a Lover

The Key to life is to find and cherish LOVE, the hardest abstract noun to define, for it appears in every shape and size, but most times its as formless as the waves in the ocean.
Remember me as a LOVER above all (Cocky, diverse,cool,attractive, respectful, yada yada etc.) Life is Love, Love is Life, Two totally different words, but two equally beautiful gifts.
remember me as a solder for Love's Army, and know that when i use the words (Love/Life) from now on I speak of the most perishable present from God the creator of ALL. as for those two words will forever remain one word one feeling, one definition; the answer to eternal happiness, Love's Army requires one attribute that must be upheld at all times for without RESPECT, LOVE can not exist.
Remember be as a courageous rebel leader for Love's Army whether my friend or enemy shall be treated with the same respect; as I would ask them to grant unto me.
Remember my moments where I needed y'all the most, For my weakest moments is when y'alls love prevailed over all and or that i will always remember your Life/Love.
Remember me as a warrior of Peace,fearing only God and Myself, I fight for peace for all Life/Love consits of chaos, but i fight for Peace the most sacred time where, Love/Life know's NO Boundaries, the Fight for peace is worth my Love/Life.
Remember my Laugh/Smile, and remember when I made y'all Laugh/Smile 2 totally different words But two equally beautiful Gifts, the clearest sign of happiness. for those are the memories of y'all i will never forget.
Remember My Love/Life of my Family, My whole family. my only guarantee to my family is that Everything is going to be alright. My Family is my strongest support system of Love/Life. As they support me look inside my heart you will see my Love/Life supporting all y'alls dreams even if i have to bend over backwards to see yall's sides or points of views.
Remember my love for other soldiers/brothers of Love's/Life's Army for as my brother/soldiers of love/life I respect your Life/Love and trust that as my Brother/Solider;(father,grandfathers,brothers, uncles, cousins,close friends, distant friends,and unknown solders) you will respect my Love/Life. Firstly He must Respect his own Life/Love to be my brother/solider.
Remember me as a protector of the heart, the driving force of my Life/Love. Being a Libra I'm faced with the scales of Love/Life, and I do not apologize if my decisions in my Life/Love have hurt you for it is my protective nature of my Heart. I don not share my heart with all , but i share PEACE, the most respectful gesture of Love/Love.
And Lastly remember my Love for the Life/Love of Women for they are are the carriers of Loves/Life's most Beautiful aspect, more Life/Love. For if I am Life women are Love, 2 totally different things but 2 equally beautiful gifts. And as mother nature love and needs the Sun, remember me as a provider as the Sun provides mother nature to her every need, remember me being a slave of the life/love of women, for my entire existence is a result of their Life/Love!!! Two totally different words, two equally beautiful gifts.

Remember that I will Remember You!!! As long as you know what you want to be remembered as???

Chad M. Leufroy remember me as a Lover. A lover of Life/Love

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